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Friday, 21 September 2012

Memories from Detlef

Back in the 1980's (maybe 1985?) we had the pleasure of hosting an exchange student from Germany named Detlef. It was great during that time - he was just in between Liz and Joe in high school and it was great for Joe to have another guy around the house for that year.

Detlef has recently shared some memories of Dad during that time:

Dear Peggy,

I hope and wish that you are all good,
that life in this new period of time is giving you hope,
I know that Dennis will be with you,
and that sunshine and joy will be with you.

Sorry for the very late reply writing you,
the earlier mail which I received through Helmut and Gerlinde [Detlef's parents] already came as signal,
I was praying for Dennis that he is not in pain and is feeling the best he could,
it is great to know that all of you where there with him, with your love and presence and caring for him,
looking at your blog the first time where you all came for Dennis,  it must have been great for Dennis,
being surrounded by his loved ones what a beautiful bunch you are, he must have felt very proud and loved.

It was a good time and very important time for me with you in Arkansas,
and I am thankfull for that,
having had the chance to be so welcomed and accepted in a family, 
in a new surrounding,
four sisters and one brother all of a sudden,
being introduced to "weekend garden work" by Dennis which makes me smile thinking back, 
I made a note back than on one of the pictures where I hold the shovel,
" after working hard in the yard moving mud got 5 $", 
I guess that had impact on me,
Dennis introduced me to the real world ; ).

Dennis detailed explanations all thought out and half scientific, mostly took place in the garage "the workshop",
and sometimes seemed to have no planned finish or end, one episode could blend into the next one.
One thing Dennis and Helmut where sharing is having old or used cars, the good thing was that Dennis was able to fix them,
even when it took a while.
Also hosting me and Phillip in your house in California are really nice memories,
it felt like an extension of my time with you after Arkansas,
being back and part of the family thank you for that.

I will scan some images which document my time with you and Dennis you might not have,
sorry if my face appears to often, hope you like the pictures.

Peggy you were always so much caring and giving,
I really wish you the best in this troubled time 
I will pray for you that your life will take a nice path in sunny California,
and that joy and happiness will guide your life,
with Love from me and all Schneiders,
all  all   best,


Detlef "moving mud". (I think he was digging for the swingset?)

Christmas. 1985?

Dennis and Peggy going to military ball

Dennis on Capital Hill, Little Rock, Arkansas

Detlef and Dennis

Detlef - Saturday morning chores

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  1. Detlef; your presence in our family really expanded our lives in every positive manner. We always considered you "one of our kids". You brought the shores of the continents together and opened avenues of mutual understanding. It was wonderful to meet your family and spend vacation times together. Dennis and I cherish those times.
    These photos are terrific memories! Thank you for sharing all. :)