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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sneaky Pete

Ok Everyone.  Here we are - all worrying and fretting over poor sickly Dennis-Dad-Grandpa.  

 I stayed by his side for over 2 weeks because I feared to leave him alone.  I've been helping him up and down stairs, dressing him, etc....

Well - worry-no-more Dear Ones!  The gig is up; the patient lives!

On Monday I had made plans to meet a friend for lunch and Den was "safely" tucked in.  I told him I'd only be away for 2 hours.

Yesterday as we were going to the local doctor I noticed that Den had his keys and his wallet already in his pants - ???  whatever...

Today, Wednesday, we had to go to City of Hope, a journey of 53 miles one way.  This requires the comforts of the truck!   I get in the truck but the mirror is moved, the seat is in the wrong place and - there is not enough gas to make the journey - what????  When we got to CofH I needed to pay the valet service and asked where would I find an ATM - Den says "I have cash."  hmmmm  He hands me his wallet and there is a wad of 20s - ok - he's been sneakin' out when I thought he could barely make it to the bathroom.

Poor Den - he forgets about my "seeing eyes".  I came home and checked the banking - sure enough he had managed to get out while I was at lunch and make a withdrawal.

So there you have it - the man has a will!   You're climbing the stairs on your own, now, Buddy!


  1. Oh My Gosh.

    DAAAAD! You are going to kill someone! Need we remind you that you are infested with cancer and hyped up on codeine???

    Stop the madness.

    Honestly, I can see myself doing the same thing someday. Sad.

  2. Greaat. Look out everyone!! I think there needs to be an interrogation.