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Thursday, 12 April 2012

About "Daddy OD"

This is my dad. This is our dad (& mom - Hi Mom!). Me and my siblings LOVE telling stories about dad. Sometimes we tell stories just to compare notes. Sometimes we tell them to pass on critical information or updates. Sometimes we tell them because we've all learned the ART of story telling from Dad. Some of my siblings have actual voice recordings of dad telling stories.

Some stories are historical. Some are comic. Some are "OMG, I never knew that!" stories. Some are full of love, some frustration. Some about comparing life experiences and fairness issues amongst all of us.

What I love most about these stories is that we never tire of telling them. They are a way of articulating our incredible fondness for our dad.

 I started this blog because I want a way to capture more stories about Dad. I hope everyone else, including you Dad, can be okay with that.

Mom and Dad at my wedding: 2001

My dad is an only child. He raised five children - plus a few extra random kids along the way. He's retired from the military. He is strategic and innovative. He can build things and fix things. He's somewhat like and engineer. He's a socializer, a historian and a hobby enthusiast.  Despite his story telling and talking abilities, Dad is a thinker and a doer. He is not a sitter and a philosopher. Whatever philosophical thinking goes on in his head, it happens all there. He processes internally and DOES externally. He doesn't sit still until he's done with something and once he sits still he falls asleep.

I LOVE my dad. I also happen to live 10,000 miles (give or take a few) away from my Dad. I skype with him, sure. But skyping requires him to sit. He's not so good at that. So what he tends to do is come along after mom has called him a few times, sit there and comment on how I look, fiddle with his hair, tell a few jokes and then lose attention and wander off. This is my way of getting dad to sit still and listen - oh how I wish you could, Dad. Because I love you and miss you a ton.

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