in his backyard haven

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thoughts from my daughter

According to my daughter who is 7, here are some interesting facts about Grandpa (Dad):

  • My grandpa puts ketchup on everything. Except desserts.
  • Sometimes my grandpa is really clumsy - cause he hurts himself alot. Like on his head.
  • Sometimes he thinks that I'm 10, when I'm actually just 7.
  • Grandpa likes to play with his trains and work in his garden.
  • One time I put my Zhu Zhu pet hampsters on his head when he was taking a nap. He NEVER woke up!

One time grandma and grandpa took my to the American Girl Doll Store. We had lunch and it was pretty cool.


  1. Dad is going to hate that picture!! For the record, we could have a chapter alone of photos of just dad sleeping with random stuff we have placed on his shoulders.

  2. Oh - it's not that bad. It's not too close up. Please tell me if you think it should be deleted...

  3. no deletions! lol - that's the real deal!...

  4. keep it! It's funny! Somewhere there is a picture of dad with a mop-doll on his shoulder while wearing his yellow sweats!