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Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Half Twist

This is Katie. I am new to this whole blogging thing, but how can I not contribute to this? I am the youngest of Dad's 5 kids. Also known as the one most like Dad. We share good looks, great jokes and, unfortunately for both of us (and anyone in a room when we disagree), an ever so slight, bad temper. ;) Unfortunate for me more, though, since I am the child and he, the parent, will always win. But I will still try and will always get into more trouble. Of course this all mainly happened during those teen years. I give in now.

See all the other siblings will say I grew up with it easy. Being a military man, Dad kept his household like a tight ship. Almost like the VonTrapp's from The Sound of Music, just minus the singing, the mansion and thankfully the whistle. But definitely with the handmade clothes from curtains (sorry mom). After cleaning your room, you were subjected to an inspection. This included closets and drawers. Dinner was always at the table and you must be wearing shoes and a shirt (that one was mainly for Joe). Dad did not allow my siblings to decorate their rooms with band posters or whatever else a kid/teen likes to hang up. No, those things will put holes in the walls.

Maybe I did have it slightly easier. Dad retired from the Air Force when I was eleven. That certainly lightened the discipline. I remember Dad more like Chevy Chase from all of those Vacation movies (minus the ball of Christmas lights, Dad would never allow those to be put away like that). Dinner was on TV trays watching 60 minutes or Seinfeld or whatever. Shoes? Forget about it. They were never able to keep those on me. Dad didn't care that I had my bedroom walls covered in photographs, glow in the dark stars and beads (and chalk all over the walls that could only be seen under black light). And thankfully all of those 1970's hand made clothes had burned in a house fire and I was free from those as hand-me-downs.

Still there was still some disciplinary Dad quirks. I could never play in the grass. He worked way to hard for some kid to go mess it all up. He isn't afraid to tell our friends (or his for that matter) to 'not walk in the grass'. Especially if there is morning frost (ahem Southern California??). Then you will break the blades of grass and there will be dead grass foot prints. No touching walls either. I have to say, I do appreciate this one. If you touch a wall, your oils will get into the paint and dirt will stick to it. So people, don't lean on our walls.

Maybe I had it easier because Dad saw his perfection come to life 30 plus years ago. Cue audience laughter. See, I was the only child of his born before his eyes. Yes, the other four siblings now miss out on the repeated birth story year after year. They don't get to experience Dad acting out their very first breaths. Cue the eyes rolling backward and tongue sticking out. "I remember when you were born, Katie. You came out in the half-twist." That's apparently how my face looked during my gasps for air... and when we met.

Sappy? Sort of. And we are not sappy people in this family. Read on about our Dad to get some of that sap out of your mouth. Of course my siblings would say he made them wash their mouths out with soap.

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  1. Yes, Katie totally got it easy with the posters on the wall. I was appalled when I visited from college! Her room was messy too.

    Now she is just like Dad. Making pergolas in her back yard, love for cats, etc.