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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Medical Update

After a long week of hospitalization last week for kidney failure, Dad was stabilized and discharged on Saturday.
Yesterday he and mom visited City of Hope to re-assess the prognosis and treatment plan for his mantle-cell lymphoma.
Dad has gained over 40 lbs in the past month and it's impacting his mobility and causes a ton of pain and discomfort.
The medical team has identified a refreshed treatment plan. This gives mom and dad some hope and confidence. Of course, there is so much more power in prayer and I relish the thought that so many of our family and friends are out there praying for him and mom.

Keep those prayers coming everyone!

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  1. Commentary on CITY OF HOPE ~ Our first experience 14 years ago was marvelous. Yesterday we were treated like royalty! Valet parking is free on the first visit so we were greeted at the door; a wheel chair with pillows and an assistant helped Den out of the truck. As we entered the main counter and gave his name a gentle stepped forward and introduced himself as "our advocate". Danny carefully wheeled Den to every part of the process and even took us to the cafe for a lunch break. He sat with Den while I picked up the meal and the he bussed our table for me. He escorted and assisted through the labs, the doctor visit, etc all the way back into the car when we finished! Phenomenal care!