in his backyard haven

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Circa 1990.

I was having a sleep-over with two friends at my house. We had a super comfy, half circle sectional. It was perfect for couch forts because we could lay within the circular negative space on the floor with afghan blankets stretched across. Of course we were facing the TV. Sleep-overs meant we had dibs on the family room for the whole night with unlimited TV viewing.

The next morning, blankets disheveled, I was in dream world. Actually I remember distinctly being in a dream within a dream. This is long before DiCaprio's Inception flick on the same concept. All of a sudden there is a rumbling roar and a jolt kicks me out of my first dream and into the next. Still the rumbling and shaking take me right out that dream and into reality - or was it a nightmare?

We're having an EARTHQUAKE!! At that very moment, I open my eyes to Dad leaping across 3 nine-year-olds (myself included). Quite a long jump. He's shouting "My trains!" Clearing us, my 6 foot tall father stands with his arms spread (and legs to brace himself) on the fireplace waiting to catch any of his dozens of HO scale locomotives resting in glass display cases. Yes, reaching, spread out,... in his white briefs. And only his underwear.

No trains fell that day. I however was so mortified I sort of wished the walls had caved in.

That's our dad. No shame. Maintaining priorities.


  1. OMG! I loved that circular green sofa! Dad...there is such a legacy if train stories...

  2. I love that tale! What a hoot - I remember yelling at him to "cover himself" in front of all those girls!
    GOOD ONE, Kate!