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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

and Liz wore yellow pants

This may be irrelevant to most anything, but I liked this part of the day, so I'm going to post it.

Yesterday while we waited for Liz and Joe to come home, the rest of us were pretty "comfortable" in our clothing choices. We are sleep deprived and greatly in need of a spa. I was showered, but in some sort of pajama/yoga clothing outfit.

Liz arrived looking like a fresh lemon.

She had a lovely white shirt and some bright yellow pants.

"Nice pants" I said.

"What?" she declared? "I was already wearing this when you called me!"

"No, I like the pants. They remind me of Dad." I said. I also like the fact that she looked fresh and cheerful. As a result I found myself heading upstairs to put on some lipstick.

Dad would have liked her pants. He also always appreciated when we looked dressed up and cheerful.

Also, Dad had these yellow sweatpants. They were a terrible mustard color, but he always wore them around the house, Christmas morning, underneath his jeans when he was cold. He wore them a lot.

And so, yesterday Liz wore yellow pants and I liked them. They reminded me of Dad.

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