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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Most Fun Dates

As this blog grows I will be writing more about our dates, but one thing that is special to me is the dancing we did.  Here are two such memories:

Number 1:
I was 19 and Dennis was 21.  He and his best friend, Ken, worked at the college in the kitchen.  They often heard about all the "action" going on around the campus.  One day he said we were going to the campus for a BBQ and there was going to be a lot of partying.  So Den and I, and Ken and his date were at this boring picnic BBQ when one of them announced there was going to be a high school prom at the campus that night.  They said let's crash the prom!

Ever the cautious and obedient rule keeper I was nervous.  But Ken said he had some wedding invitations at home that they could flash as prom tickets and I could go home with (what's her name?) and we would drag out old prom dresses from high school.

Over our swim suits we donned our satin and chiffon; quickly tied our hair into French twist and met thy guys (in flip-flops).  They stole the paper flowers from the decorations and pinned them on us and we slipped into the prom slick as snot!  No one knew us so it was all the more fun!  Since we were older we already knew a few dance routines those younger kids hadn't learned - we swept the floor and we had a ball.  We even had our portraits taken!  The chaperones were baffled and everyone wonder who those older kids were!

When the gig was up, the heat was on, and we escaped into the recesses of the campus and hurried off to Den's house where his father took our portraits.  It was the best party ever!

Number 2:
One thing Dennis always did was to plan amazing dates; the most outrageous, fun or expensive - he was, after all, trying to schmooze me!

On Friday nights Lawrence Welk played his live radio show at the Palladium.  While it was being broadcast they welcomed "audience participation" so for $2 we could go dancing with one of the classiest bands around.  (For our grandchildren - Grandpa learned his dancing at Cotillion and he was very good!)  We went frequently and I was slowly learning all the classic dances.  It was fun to have a reason to wear a new cocktail dress!

One night the whole audience was on their feet as L.W. played one of his famous polkas!  It was very exciting!  L.W. himself came into the audience and "cut in" taking me from Dennis!  Thankfully he moved through the audience after just a few steps.  But... I was so flustered that after I returned to Dennis we were sailing around the floor and my spike high heel caught in the pants cuff of another man - the dominoes fell!  We never laughed so hard!!!

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