in his backyard haven

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

John Sanford


Thank You for letting me say goodbye to Dennis this afternoon ... 

Do me a favor and put his Farmers Boy's Ketchup Bottle close by his bed ... 

Where he can get to it for the ride home ... 

I am sure St Peter with have a large order of Fries waiting for him ... lol 

Although he may have some explaining to do about some of those train receipts ... lol 

I'm sure they can work things out over some Ketchup & Fries ... !!!

Your a very Strong and Courageous woman ... 

Dennis is very Lucky to have You by his side 

I am truly blessed to say you are my Friend 

Thank You Once Again for letting me in this afternoon & sharing Dennis with me ... 

God Bless You & Your Family 


I Pray for a peaceful transition for Dennis to the Big Roundhouse upstairs 

It will be good to have such a wonderful Friend with connections upstairs with the Big Guy ... !!!

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