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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How We Met

OK - the girls are bugging me to start writing.  Katie always used to say: "tell me a story of ..."  So this is my story of how I met the love of my life, my best friend...

I was born in August...(no I'm not going THAT far back).  So in August 1962 I got a phone call from this guy who was a senior (I was a sophomore) and he was inviting me to a party.  The date of the party just happened to be my birthday, Aug 26th.  Ah ha - my friends were up to a surprise! ... I figured, because I didn't really know this guy except from study hall.

My Dad drove me over to La Habra (upscale from our home in Whittier!) and left me at the home of Ken Wendell. Thinking this was all about MOI - I dressed in my newest, pretty black and white sun dress.

I was warmly greeted.  BUT - I didn't recognized one person!!!  what the???  Ken introduced me to this gangly guy with the most piercing blue eyes ever - Dennis.  He was the guy in the band - he played drums.  We spent most of the evening together but some of their friends kept trying to "cut in" on Den's time and he made sure they needed to get lost.

We had a wonderful night dancing, swimming and talking.  He asked if he could drive me home - I was so excited!  "I have to call my Dad!" says I.  Den said, I already did!

All the way home we talked and I learned that Dennis shared the same birthday as my Mom and Dad - January 15th.  (Oh, this guys is sneaky - he had EVERYTHING PLANNED!

We planned our next date for 2 weeks later (because his family was going on vacation).  It was one of the longest 2 weeks in my life....

Now, almost 50 years later, I still find I am waiting for my Dennis - always waiting...
I love you - save me a place up there!

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