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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Bistro - From Susy

I am Susy, Dennis's neighbor for the last 10 years.  I can't begin to thank your dad for everything that he has done for me.  When I first went house shopping, I saw Dennis outside with Peggy and went over to ask him about the neighborhood and he quickly went and described each of his neighbors in detail.  I immediately wanted to move into that house and be part of the community. I have never regretted since. It has been the best neighborhood I have ever lived in.
Since day one, your dad has been like a Dad to me.  When I would go over and ask for anything he would stop what he was doing and help me. I loved him so much that I painted my house the same color as his under his recommendation that we would be the best looking house in the neighborhood.
We would take turns mowing each others lawns and he would boast about his little cute Mexican gardener and I would boast about my Irish handyman. He loved making our grass shine and I was always afraid to walk on my side to ruin his handy work.
We eventually created "the Bistro" and worked on creating on own little haven in there.  I would sit outside and time to see how long it would take your dad to come out and talk to me.  The last time I was there my heart broke to know that he wouldn't be coming out again.
Don't get me wrong...we all know how much your dad I would make sure that when I went out there I was ready for Dennis time.  When I got married, It took a long time for me to want to move...ask my husband I was depressed for many months because I felt I couldn't leave Dennis.  So I agreed that I would still take my turn mowing the lawn just to visit him. (plus he had trained me to mow the lawn just the way he liked it)
I feel bad that I haven't spent as much time with him in the past few years, but I want you to know how much he has meant to me.  As I sit here crying,  my heart aches not for Dennis, for I know he will be with Lord so God better be ready to just sit back and listen to his stories for a while. It aches for me for I am losing such a special person in my life. Your Dad is an amazing, loving, generous, and witty man.  I will miss spending time with him the most and sitting in the Bistro and talking with him.
I felt very loved by your father and I return loved him.

The "Bistro" is located behind the tree, in between the houses

A nice little shady spot for an after work cocktail

This sign actually was from Dad's parent's house originally

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