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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

From Mariclare McCoy

Can’t really remember how old I was when Peggy and Dennis started dating, but do recall thinking how lucky Peggy was to be dating such a handsome Prince Charming!  His dark, wavy hair and bluest of blue eyes that sparkled every time he looked at Peggy!  The sparkle in his eyes on their wedding day when he watched Peggy walk down the aisle could have lit up the whole church!
    After retiring from the Air Force, Dennis was hired as outside sales representative at Walker’s Air Brakes, where I was book-keeper.  I got the biggest kick out of the way he identified some of the air brake valves he picked up at the numerous accounts he called upon.  An R6 relay valve was a “turtle valve”, R8 a “tank valve”, CR Air Dryer a torpedo!  It made filling his orders quite colorful, and sometimes, challenging.  He was very well liked by all our customers.  They all inquired about him when he had to leave Walker’s to fight his first battle with lymphoma.
    He and my husband, Mike, had much in common with their LOVE for trains.  Family get-togethers would always mean their comparing notes on trains, new additions to their collections and train rides, etc.
    Really enjoyed the times in the past couple of years being able to meet him and Peggy at TGIF’s in Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga, for lunch and visits.  I will always cherish those times.

Mariclare Foxwell McCoy, Peggy's sister

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